Monday, August 29, 2011

Lightning season

We have been experiencing one weird summer.  The weather has been monsoon like all throughout July and August which has brought in storms that have been very electrically charged. 

Just last night and even the night before had us right in the crosshairs of two storms that were quite spectacular to see and hear.  But with these storms brings outage's, instability and problems to our electrical systems.  Just this morning, we are UPS Red-ing in a couple of large Variable Frequency Controllers for Kennecott and there are a couple of other customers that have called in with other equipment problems.

I really wish that when I tell people about the value of installing quality Transient Voltage Surge Protection (or SPD's), they would listen.  Most all of the problems that are caused by these types of events can be protected against with the use of a properly installed SPD or two. 

These devices are simple to install, require no maintenance, and are covered by a 30 year warranty.  I'm just saying......
Trouble is, very few are listening which by-the-way, keeps our service department busy.  If your system and electrical products are important to your business, you really owe it to yourself to check into some "cheap" protection.
It really is very inexpensive compared to what may happen with these types of events happen.