Monday, September 24, 2012

Configuring for a Pressure Transducer

We are providing more drives for pressure regulation on pumping systems than ever before.  A very important piece of this application is the pressure transducer or transmitter.  I have seen these mounted in all kinds of configurations but the very best way to do this is diagrammed below:

Notice that there is a valve to shut off the supply water and also a valve installed to vent or relieve pressure in the gauge and transducer.  This is very useful during calibration and also helpful in testing and in servicing if needed.  The gauge is good also for testing and just to provide a means of visual checking to make sure that what is happening in the system is the same as what the drive is reading and producing. 
When winter comes the drain/relief valve makes short work of making sure the gauge and transducer is drained so they won’t freeze and be ruined.
Hope this helps all of you with this set-up.

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