Tuesday, October 27, 2009

October Activities

This month has been a busy month for Power Quality Monitoring.  I have done studies at two different facilities and have two more to do before the month is out.
So far, nothing very unusual to talk about.  Mid-level Harmonics causing some nuisance problems on signal cables coupled with RFI coming from long output leads from Variable Frequency Controllers.  The RFI can be solved with an output filter in most cases as was the case at one of the locations.

At another site the customer has a couple of Siemens 4300 power meters that have not been working.  These were programmed for PT inputs and are actually connect directly to the 480 supply.  They also read in negitive numbers.  This is due to the Current Transformers being installed upside down.  This happens all the time as most don't know that most CT's are directional.

We finished a Motor Control Center with VFC's for a project in the new Downtown "City Creek" Center.  I will post some pictures of this on the website as soon as I can.  Nothing special, just a nice job.

Madhu flew to Indonesia to work on a VFC on an Oil Rig in the ocean.  He fixed it the first day he was on site.  It seems that the customer had reinstalled one of the plugs on the drive incorrectly and cause a failure of the power supply.  While there, he has been doing some training for the people that work the oil rig.  He also will fly home to visit with family as he is not far away from India prior to coming back to Salt Lake City.

Looking forward to what November has to offer.  Some big things in the works but we'll have to see how they all play out.


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