Monday, June 7, 2010

Beginning of Summer

Here we are at the beginning of summer and the temperature will be going up. Now is the time to be thinking about making sure your electrical equipment that requires ventilation is clean and breathing well.

Here in the Salt Lake Valley we have a lot of Cottonwood Trees that produce cotton all over. I have walked into many well houses and seen vents completely plugged with the stuff. Dirt and other debris such as seeds from trees and plants get trapped in the air inlets of our drives and solid state starters.  When the temperatures go up, next thing we know is that our drives are shutting down when we need them most!

Summertime is the hardest time on our electrical equipment. Now is the time to make sure all your equipment is well ventilated and that all the fans and other cooling equipment is in good working order.

Take precaution when blowing out with compressed air as it can do as much harm as good. Most compressed air contains moisture that can be harmful to components. I personally don't like this method of cleaning but sometimes is may be necessary. Never do this with the equipment energized! A vacuum and a brush is the safest way to clean but also remember to never do this with the power on. I have see air bourn dust cause a flash in live electrical components and choose to never see this again!

Be careful in how you go about cleaning your equipment but by all means, this should be high on you current priority list.

Just a reminder for all….


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