Tuesday, August 3, 2010

This Blog thing and other stuff

I have been writing articles for this blog thing for about a year now with very little feedback from anyone. I have done this hoping to inform anyone that reads about troubles we have found on service calls, new information from our suppliers and anything else that I happen to think about and have the time to type up and post.

No feedback tells me that what I am writing is either not important, taken as gospel or just not worth the time to comment on, I wonder which if any it is.

Ran into a situation lately where a customer is having a problem running drives that have harmonic trap filters on their back-up generator. It seem that the capacitors are causing a voltage rise that the generators voltage regulator cannot compensate for. This causes the generator to shutdown on over voltage.

The factory is looking into this issue. The application engineer sent me an email stating that he was going to do a write-up on running VFC’s with HTF’s on generators but I haven’t seen anything as of today’s date. As soon as I see this, I will make sure and follow up with another post that addresses this issue.

So if you read this and are interested in the solution to this problem, keep following the post. If you are not, you probably didn’t read this to begin with. Either way it’s fine by me.

Hello, anyone out there?? Damn, nice echo! Echo, echo, echo……….


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