Monday, October 4, 2010

October News

We recently took a trip out to see some folks that we have been building some panels for in the west desert of Utah. The operation is Desert Hawk Gold in Gold Hill, Utah.

This location has been mined (off and on) for over one hundred years and was primarily an arsenic mining site. At one time there were over 3000 people living and working in Gold Hill. A rail line was even run into town at the height of the operation I believe in the 40’s.

Today, there are a few residences in Gold Hill. There are only a handful of people that live there. The mill (located just a short distance from town) is being refurbished for gold recovery. Several people working there are friends that are retired from other gold operations in Nevada. We have known these folks for a long time and we are doing our part to try to help them get things together so they can start producing from a quarry they have several miles from the mill.

Prospects look good and at the price of today’s gold, it should work out to be a successful operation. Tammy took some goodies out to the mill and we were glad to be greeted as the first vendors to visit the site.

Upon leaving, we decided to come home via the old Pony Express route. I had not been across this road since I was in my teens and it was quite a trip. My youngest son and I had antelope tags for that week in the area so we did some scouting on the way. Later that week, my son and I filled our tags in the Simpson Springs area. It was a great hunt.


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