Monday, February 21, 2011

Late February Early March News

In one week it will be the first week in March.  This brings the thoughts of spring, warmer weather and water.  What?  Water?  Yes!  The first week in March is the Rural Water Association of Utah's annual meeting in St. George at the Dixie Center for training, meetings and the yearly show for all us vendors.

The show is not closed to the public, but is expensive to gain access to if you are not part of the RWAU.  This is mainly for all the members to come to and attend courses on various subjects relating to water and the associated issues in pumping, moving, handling and testing and treating it properly and safely.

During two days of the week, vendors will have booths setup in the Dixie Centers expo area for members to walk-thru at their leisure when they are not in class or attending a discussion.  That's where we come in.  We will have a booth (as we have had in the past) in the expo center showing various products we have to offer these folks.  This is always a great show for us or at least for me because I get to see a lot of people that I know and have done projects for over the years.  It just turns into a great time to catch up with folks and learn what's going on with them.

Also as I told you previously, I had some shoulder surgery a few weeks back but as you may be able to tell, I am getting along fine at this juncture.  Currently,  I am typing this with both hands and am able to use the arm to some degree but the doctor will not let me lift anything for a minimum of eight weeks.  By the way, me typing with both hands is just double the chance of making a mistake for those of you that follow along regularly.

The "Salt Project" is at a stand still as we have been busy building a couple of big projects in the shop.  One just picked up today is going to Roosevelt to a Sewer Lift Station, and the other is for another Lift Station here in the valley for Granger-Hunter Improvement District.  We have also built several small items in-between all of this so we have been rather busy and lost a bit of focus on the bike at the moment.

Next month brings not only the RWAU show but we will be traveling to Las Vegas for meetings on our new product line we are introducing.  These items are mostly pump related and are controllers for pumps which will be sold exclusively through outside representation.  That's the reason for the meeting in Vegas, it is with the Rep firm.  This is exciting for us as some serious interest has been shown in these products and we are a bit anxious to get this ball rolling!

Our hope is that all is going well with all of you and that this year is a good one for all of us.  Here comes the Water and Aggregate season and we are all hoping for a better year than last.

I still haven't heard from anyone about the Jazz issue.  Nobody have an opinion but me?  I'm waiting.....

Check out our website in the coming weeks as we will be adding the new products to it as soon as possible.  We are also putting together a brochure on these products and hope to have this ready in the next several weeks for distribution.  Until then, if you would like more information you know where to get in-touch with me.



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