Wednesday, July 27, 2011

More temperature related issues

I can’t stress enough the need for good ventilation and cooling for your electrical equipment, especially this time of the year. In the past few weeks, we have been out on numerous service calls all heat related.

From blown capacitors to overheated input wires we have seen a bunch of heat related issues. This time of year, most of the VFD’s in the field are running pumps and doing it at full bore to try and keep up with the demand. The drives can do it provided they are clean and proper cooling is provided for the environment they are in.

The other problem we see this time of year is input problems due to power surges. These are usually the result of nearby lightning strikes. In some areas, there are stresses put on the utility lines caused by addition loading as a result of the temperature. This can cause blackouts, which causes spikes and surges on the electrical system that can cause input problems.

I know this time of year is a busy one for most but that is no excuse for not making sure that your equipment is clean and cool. Thousands of dollars have been spent with us in the past few weeks and we are not complaining, just sad to see it happen when it could have been avoided within a few minutes with a shop vacuum and a bit of preventative maintenance.


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