Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Metal Fabrication needs

Just so you know, we have had and are currently able to do some light metal fabrication if you should have the need for this.  We recently built a small skid for a power center which went out to Nevada to one of the mines.  This was actually the second one we have done for these folks this year so they must have liked the first.

We have been doing custom door fabrication for Motor Control Centers when the need arises and closing in existing holes in enclosure doors for a couples of contractors doing field modifications to existing panels.  We purchased a better brake and shear this year and Brandan has been putting them to good use.  He is currently making two custom doors for a remodel of an existing MCC.  This equipment is located at a  pumping station for our local US Army base, Camp W.G. Williams.

We have always had the ability to do MIG welding but we have a TIG welder now and have had for over a year or two.  We purchased the TIG machine to do repairs on heatsinks and other aluminum items we need to repair after a "blow-out" has occurred.  We then machine the surface to make it so we can re-seat the diode, SCR or whatever the device may be.  We routinely do this for another large customer here in the Salt Lake valley.

So if you have a need for some light metal work, please call us.  We can also help with your larger requirements as we have two local welding shops we work with on a regular basis.  These partners build all of our larger skids and other products that we need from time to time and do great work. 

Have a happy Thanksgiving everyone!


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