Monday, May 5, 2014

Rocky Mountain Power Customer Rebates

Over the past couple of years we have sold Variable Frequency Controllers into various industrial plants that have received a rebate of sorts from Rocky Mountain Power.  I had thought that it was difficult to get on this program.  But last year I sold a drive to a cemetery that runs a deep well pump for their property irrigation.  They worked with their Rocky Mountain Power representative and were able to receive a check to help with the purchase and installation of the drive.

We have been contacted by the folks of the Energy Efficiency Trade Alliance division of Pacific Power - Rocky Mountain Power and they are looking for applications that will help conserve energy.  They will get involved and investigate an application when we notify them and will make a determination as to whether it qualifies for assistance or not.  If it does, it can be rather rewarding for the customer.  The Well Pump that I mentioned above qualified for $18,000.00.

If you think you have an application for a drive and have been reluctant to do anything due to the cost, now is your time to upgrade.  With assistance from the power company being what it is on most pumping applications, you can get a huge portion of you investment back right at the start.  Plus, you will be saving money with the installation of the drive so it's win no matter how you look at it. 

Call us...we can review your need and get the ball rolling.


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