Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Late March News

We spent a few days last week in Las Vegas during the Con-Ag show.  We had some meetings to attend and visited with a few customers while there.  I'm beginning to believe that the old Dodge can make it from the Salt Lake valley to most points South-Southwest on I-15 without much input from me.  That was our third trip down in that area this year but you must do what you must to keep things going, right?

While in Vegas I noticed something that should be pointed out, the worst drivers ever!  No less than five times did I have someone change lanes right in front of me and then hit their brakes.  It sure seems a lot of folk are looking for insurance money from whiplash by being rear-ended.  Just my observation so if you are traveling to that area you have been properly warned. 

TKI Representitives is now rep'ing our starter line.  This is mainly product for the agriculture marketplace but these starters can be used on a host of applications.  Also in the line-up is our Constant Pressure VFC package, once again mostly for the agricultural market.  They (TKI) will be doing this for us in nine states and hopefully this product will do well for both us and them.

Zach and Brandan just returned from being in Montana for the past few days building a 900 horsepower drive on-site at one of our customers locations.  We just received news that Madhu was on-site and the drive is currently running.  This was quite a task for all involved and with everyones hard work, it came together and went well.  When faced with a challenge, it is impressive to me how everyone always steps up their game to do whatever it takes to make things happen.  Many thanks to all that were involved in this endevor!


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