Wednesday, March 9, 2011


Just a quick note here in early March.  The Rural Water show was a great time.  It is always good to see many people that you don't normally get to see very often.  Mostly it was the same vendors that have been there over the past few years that we have been attending.

The Rural Water Association puts on a great show and I hear from customers that I talked to that the conferance was great as well.  We had the Swivel Pole demo at the show and there seemed to be some good interest in that product.  We also had the Sales manager for Swivel Pole in the booth with us for one of the days.

While in St. George, we dropped of the 1952, 45 inch Solo Harley at the local Iggy's.  It is resting on the bar in all it's glory.  If you get a chance, stop in and see it.  Tell Jared that you are a friend of mine and they will probably charge you double on your bill!  No, these guys are great and the food is very good.  It is well worth the visit and I bet you will be back.   

We have meetings later this month that will offically kick off our new product line in Las Vegas.  We have however started to sell some product and are in the process of building up some units that will be shipping next week to Kansas.  Very exciting to say the least.  Hopefully we will have these products available for you to see on the website soon.  I am working on this but I don't want to try this myself.  Last time I tried to change something on the website left a scare that we are still trying to fix!

Hopefully spring is here,


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