Friday, June 17, 2011

DNH Starter

In order to button up on the topic that has been previously addessed on this solid state starter, we did a start-up on the Well on Tuesday and all went as planned.  I can only attribute the heat on the one phase to a motor failure which I did find out had happened prior to us finding out about what was going on during the previous episode when we were not present.

The best thing to do to check these starters for proper operation when a phase loss happens, is to do the following:

Turn down P18 (CL2) all the way CCW- Master BD.
Turn down P1 (CL1) all the way CCW- Master BD.

Power up the unit and measure the output.  You should have about 212 volts phase-to-phase which is leakage voltage and is a correct reading.

Give the unit a start command and quickly measure phase current on each phase.  These should be somewhat balanced.  If not, you have a firing problem and that will need some further investigation but at least will give you direction. 

Make sure that you have checked the motor (or are using a test motor) and that it is not the problem prior to doing the above test.

Make sure that in while performing the above tasks, you are in proper PPE for the voltage and task at hand and that you are someone that is authorized by the governing body or company to do this work.

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