Friday, June 17, 2011

Happy to have a soapbox sometimes

After listening to all the rhetoric that spews out in the arena of politics over the past several years, and now listening to what is going on in the past few years I am almost convinced of one thing:

The Tea Party movement is a bad thing for the GOP.

Maybe some or even most see this group as a good thing but I have a differing viewpoint.

So the champions of the Tea Party seem to be about beating the Democrat's but if you look and listen closely, they are (in large part) about getting rid of all the “dead wood” in Washington representing our (Republican) party.  That’s great, unless you look at it from the Democratic view.  They see us, one-by-one picking off our most senior members that are in powerful places or soon destine to be and replacing them with young, energetic loud-mouths that have zero seniority or experience in Washington.   [Most if not all of these newly elected guys and gals will spend the majority of their first term just getting the lay of the land before doing anything of importance, and believe me when I tell you that everything revolves around seniority and power with these folks.  Newbee's get nowhere in that environment.  Don’t believe me, do your homework or just watch informational television like C-SPAN for a while and you will get the picture.]  Now in doing this, those positions of power that were destine for one of the older members of either the house or senate will now go to the next person in line which in most cases will be a Democrat.

The Democratic Party is looking at this Tea Party thing as a blessing for them since their folks will most certainly own all the senior positions in both the house and in the senate and will in-fact control most if not all of the over-sight committees as well.  We (the GOP) won’t be getting anything done with these folks in charge of everything, will we?

How in the world is this doing us (the members of the GOP) any favors?  Long term, if we could be like the people that came before us and really be able to see the “long term” of anything, it may do some good.  But then we would just end up in the same place we are today since as soon as someone starts doing well (in our eyes), we never vote them out and they become the Bob Bennett’s and Orrin Hatches of today.

Can we really believe our Jason Chaffettz and Mike Lee’s (darlings of the Tea Party movement) can get through to the old dogs back in Washington and be heard even in their own party?  Ever heard of “if wishes were fishes…..”

This Tea Party stuff is tearing at us, not helping and healing.  I for one wish it would go away and take Sarah Palin with it.  So what she is easy on the eyes for most.  Bigger and better things to think about or do so get over it and move on and anybody that looks like Tina Fey needs help, seriously. 

Talk about chuming the waters.......


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