Monday, June 25, 2012

Temperature Measurement

For some time now, we have been selling Infrared Temperature Measurement Units made by Williamson Corporation out of Connecticut.  Their line of products are uses to measure temperature in many environments where other would not stand up to the task do to the temperature at the measuring point, dust, smoke or other obstructions that may hamper the view to the target.
How Williamson is able to outperform the competition is through careful review of the application and determining the proper “Wavelength” to be able to see through non-target items and focus on just the target for temperature measurement.  They also custom tune an algorithm for the specific emissivity the target item acquire a proper reading.
We have these units installed and doing critical temperature measurement in application from coating pipe to precious metal refining in our area.  Anyone that has a need for this type of device and is currently using one automatically becomes a raving fan.  So if you have a need for infrared temperature measurement, please give us a call. 

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